The Intensive Journey

The Intensive Journey is a short-term, high intensity, healing program, typically limited to 8-10 participants, which gives participants the opportunity to work towards healing issues that have contributed to self-defeating or destructive cycles in their life. Healing happens when the root of the pain is not only found, but is worked with, and then finally released. The Intensive Journey facilitators are a dedicated group of trained, certified, and licensed therapists who, in dealing with their own personal issues, have experienced the healing process first-hand.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who is suffering from emotional pain can benefit from The Intensive Journey.

People who have experienced:

  • a painful loss or death of a loved one.
  • major relationship difficulties.
  • traumatic childhood events such as physical or emotional abuse.
  • adult child of an alcoholic family.
  • process addictions such as sex and love addiction.
  • victimization such as rape, sexual harassment, or discrimination.
  • daily exposure to violence or pain such as police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, social workers and therapists.
  • And, individuals in recovery searching for a new level of growth.

How Does It Work?

The Intensive Journey is three days of focused and demanding work. It is structured to help participants learn to trust themselves and others. Powerful, experiential exercises, lectures, and play are therapeutic techniques used in this process. Confidentiality and community are key components of the programs supportive atmosphere. The Intensive Journey is modeled on the groundbreaking work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross in grief and loss and encompasses the following phases.

  • Phase 1: The participant explores the relationship between child and adult and how it has affected their life.
  • Phase 2: The participant explores past events and traumas that have influenced their current belief system.
  • Phase 3: The participant participates in experiential exercises designed to heal the grief and loss.
  • Phase 4: The participant processes and releases the grief and loss.
  • Phase 5: The participant closes the door to the past and opens the door to a new way of living.

Please be aware that not everybody is appropriate for this level of therapeutic work. If you have been diagnosed with a major psychological disorder, you will need a medical release from your psychiatrist to attend The Intensive Journey.

About the Facilitator

Jayne PayneThe Intensive Journey is facilitated by Jayne Payne, Ph.D., LBSW, LCDC, CBT. Jayne is a Certified Trauma Resolution Therapist.

At the height of the Vietnam War, Jayne evaluated American soldiers for PTSD. After returning to the US, Jayne became an alcohol and drug counselor, later to pursue a degree in Social Work and a PhD in Religious Philosophy. Jayne has held a number of positions in counseling over the last 35 years, including Director of Adolescent Services, Head of Chemical Dependency Services, and Director of Outpatient Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Services.

In 1994, Jayne's life took a dramatic turn when she was involved in a near fatal car accident. On release from the hospital, she was diagnosed with a permanent spinal injury, causing paralysis on the left side of her body. She was told she would probably be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. Refusing to accept this diagnosis, Jayne used many of the techniques she had learned from her own work and applied it to heal her herself.

Jayne has appeared on Larry King Live and has had the pleasure of working with some of the field's best known authors and therapists including Wayne Dyer, John Bradshaw, Claudia Black, and Deepak Chopra. She is currently working on a book on Self Abandonment.

Jayne is an independent contractor with Margaret Hood Black & Associates, PC offering groups, individual therapy and this three-day intensive weekend event.

For more information about The Intensive Journey please contact us online or call 713-562-7819.